Woven landscape



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This summer I’ve spent several hours learning new weaving skills: Choosing a picture/painting to develop a tapestry, trying a more realistic style, using different textures to interpret things closer or far, something small or big, something smooth or rough. And this is the result, Is about 65 x 65 cms and (like textiles in general) is hard to photograph because it sucks the light.

The next photographs is the painting I used as reference, and myself with the tapestry mid done. I’ve learned to weave for the back of the tapestry, with a mirrow in front.






Wall hanging weavings



This is my first collection of tapestries inspired in their own texture. A total of 6 handmade textiles woven in a weaving loom. Wool, cotton and vegetable tanned leather yarn.


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Aquesta és la meva primera col·lecció de tapissos inspirada en la pròpia textura. Un total de 6 peces tèxtils construïdes en un teler de baix lliç. Llanes, cotó, i pell de xai adobada al vegetal.


Check the web store to see the collection and details. ///

Pots visitar la botiga per veure la col·lecció i detalls.

Tapestry weaving (part I)


Last week I made a small loom for tapestry weaving with a frame and some nails. Sounds easy, and it is ! Although nails aren’t straight, the loom works well.


I have done only two and I’m not extremely happy with the results but I have remembered forgotten techniques I learnt few years ago, I’ve had fun and I’m sure I will weave few more. I just need to plan better the design before weaving.