Weaving work :

New samples and an old one




Spring has arrived


And although I’m an autumn girl, I can feel how nature is changing.

Spring has arrived and like when we look for a better position sitting in a new chair or in bed when we want to sleep a little bit more, she’s settling. Wind, rain, changing temperatures.


Out & inside ourselves, something new is growing strong, the old and weak is disappearing, and the sunshine brings light to every creature and every object.


Let’s go out to enjoy and celebrate the brightness


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Fuzzy weather




Time is going very fast and meanwhile we can see Christmas the horizon, in Barcelona  we still in shorts.
The first image is an exercise in texture I made , and the next two are a preview of the new collection I’m working on.

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El temps està passant molt ràpid i mentre podem veure Nadal a l’hortizó, aquí a Barcelona encara portem pantalons curts. La primera imatge és un exercici de textura que vaig fer, i les dos següents són un avançamennt de la colecció nova en que estic treballant.





Around a shape, around a texture.



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I’ve always liked baskets.

There is something archaic in its form, something poetic too. They are lighter than a blanket and never break.
They remind me of the rural life that I have never lived. Some weeks ago, unconsciously I began to weave some leather strips, and we’ll see where I’ll go. But I feel good.

Do you like basketry?

Something delicate

005003006 008

I’m working on a capsule collection in collaboration with someone I admire as an artist and as a person. Speaking of ceramist Lusesita. This feels very special for me to work with someone like her and the bags will be ready soon! Don’t miss them!

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Estic treballant en una col·lecció càpsula en col·laboració amb algú a qui admiro com a artista i com a persona. Parlo de la ceramista Lusesita. És  molt especial per mi treballar amb algú com ella i les bosses estaràn llestes ben aviat! No us les perdeu!