Cushions. Collaboration with Petra Green (Room39)





I met Petra Green by Instagram, and after a swap of goods, she suggested the possibility of making a collaboration together. After some mails I was threading my loom again with hand dyed painted wool yarn. I had sworn not to weave “ummus” fabric again. But I caught her enthusiasm with the idea of making rounded cushions. I sent the fabric to London and some months after, voilà! They are beautifully well done.

Don’t forget to visit her online shop here.


(Front is made with hand dyed and hand woven merino wool fabric)


(Back is screenprinted by Room39. It has a leather tag with our names. Cute!)Petra@room39_portrait1

(Petra Green, director of Room39)


My big loom


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This is my big tapestry loom. It was a gift from my mother in law (she did tapestry few years ago, and  the loom was useless). For now it is in my studio (as you can see) with sewing machines and more stuff. Even if it will be in a special room just for it soon, I wanted to show it


Normaly the threads are separated with nails, but I think is also a good idea to use a tape measure to warp it correctly. You just have to follow how many threads / cm.

IMG_20140903_090353This is an example* woven in that loom. I work by behind, (it’s easier to pick up an to leave threads) obtaining a cleaner front, at the beging is hard to see the mirror in front, because you have all the warp between. But eyes are wise and soon you get used.

*soon I will make a post about this project, inspiration an results.

b3And this is the project that I’m doing right now. As you can see I’m working in a monochromatic effect, to give importance to the texture. It is inspired by a Turner’s watercolour. I wish to finish it this month.

Happy thursday everybody!



Fabric commissioned


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I’ve received a commission few weeks ago from a londoner designer. This handwoven fabric is hand painted before weaving. So I’ve dyed the threads with a brush little by little, changing the colours, and then, in the loom, I’ve woven it with a black weft. 100% wool.

3 2

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Last week Neukölln  opened the door with some of my weaving tapestries hanging from its walls. Neukölln is a second hand furniture shop located in Barcelona, with a very selected collection of antiquities and new stuff. If you’re in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to take a look.




I started untwisting some sisal ropes and I also found sisal fibers in a shop, so I bought about 2 kilos.


I dyed all in home with acid fibers, because  I needed a bright color. I thought it would be impossible with natural dyes ( with my skills)


When the fibers were dry I could see the final color and texture. It gave me lot of energy.


So I started weaving without an idea of composition/shapes. I was interested in work directly with my hands and see what happen.


And this is what is happening, openings and bulges. In fact isn’t finished. Yet !

Small stuff I like to make



I think the objects that surround us every day have the power of influence us little by little up to be like them. We are what we eat, and I would add; and what we have between our hands.

So we have to choose well what we introduce into our lives for their qualities and what they transmit, as well as an act of responsibility towards the consume. In my opinion, of course.

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Crec que els objectes que ens rodegen tots els dies ens influeixen i ens hi acabem assemblant; ens tornem com ells són, igual que som el que mengem, també som allò que vestim i ens acompanya dia rere dia.

Per això hem de triar bé què introduïm en les nostres vides per les seves qualitats i pel que ens transmeten, i també com un acte de responsabilitat vers el consum. En la meva opinió, es clar :)

Wall hanging weavings



This is my first collection of tapestries inspired in their own texture. A total of 6 handmade textiles woven in a weaving loom. Wool, cotton and vegetable tanned leather yarn.


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Aquesta és la meva primera col·lecció de tapissos inspirada en la pròpia textura. Un total de 6 peces tèxtils construïdes en un teler de baix lliç. Llanes, cotó, i pell de xai adobada al vegetal.


Check the web store to see the collection and details. ///

Pots visitar la botiga per veure la col·lecció i detalls.