Un tupí és una olla petita d’una sola nansa (potser heu sentit l’expressió “del tupí fumat”) però un tupí és també un formatge pirinenc, greixós i preparat amb aiguardent. Aquest formatge se sol preparar i consumir en el mateix petit recipient de terrisa que he parlat al principi.

El tupí que presento en forma de bossa de cuir, no es de terrissa ni té cap vincle gastronòmic. Però si que està inspirat en la idea de recipient petit i senzill de base circular, útil i resistent.

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A “tupí” is a small pot with one handle but is also a Pyrenean fat cheese prepared with liqueur. This cheese is usually prepared and eaten in the same small bowl terrises I mentioned at the beginning.

But the tupí that is presented in the shape of leather bag, isn’t made of clay or have any gourmet connection. But it’s inspired by the idea of small and simple container with a rounded bottom, useful and durable.

tupiobert tupitombat


It is available here




Eco bag collaboration

Gebrat bag poster

I’m so happy to show you the Eco bag I’ve made with the designer Deimante Meilune .

She has made a lovely work knitting and embroidering british wool and then I’ve used vegetable tanned leather to build a bag.

Although we wanted to make a small collection, due to work and distance (she lives in London and I live in Barcelona), we have managed to make this bag. Personally I hope we can, working together again and sharing, as now, our passion for green design and respect for the materials.