My big loom


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This is my big tapestry loom. It was a gift from my mother in law (she did tapestry few years ago, and  the loom was useless). For now it is in my studio (as you can see) with sewing machines and more stuff. Even if it will be in a special room just for it soon, I wanted to show it


Normaly the threads are separated with nails, but I think is also a good idea to use a tape measure to warp it correctly. You just have to follow how many threads / cm.

IMG_20140903_090353This is an example* woven in that loom. I work by behind, (it’s easier to pick up an to leave threads) obtaining a cleaner front, at the beging is hard to see the mirror in front, because you have all the warp between. But eyes are wise and soon you get used.

*soon I will make a post about this project, inspiration an results.

b3And this is the project that I’m doing right now. As you can see I’m working in a monochromatic effect, to give importance to the texture. It is inspired by a Turner’s watercolour. I wish to finish it this month.

Happy thursday everybody!




“XI, XII & XIII” Creative process.

In this video I show how I’ve worked in this project. After to swim beyond inspiration images and sensations, I started playing with my hands; looking for the shapes. I don’t talk about the materials or colours, because -in that project- it was is a choice I made, not a part of the creative process.

Marble effect frustrated

I like to try new techniques but sometimes it’s boring the search of information instead start trying it. I’m sure you understand what I mean.

I wanted to try a marbled effect on these leather cutouts, but far from marbling.. I’ve found other textures and patterns very unexpected. After that, a friend of mine has told me how the marble effect is made. Thank you Eva !

Here you can see what I’ve made:





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Eco bag collaboration

Gebrat bag poster

I’m so happy to show you the Eco bag I’ve made with the designer Deimante Meilune .

She has made a lovely work knitting and embroidering british wool and then I’ve used vegetable tanned leather to build a bag.

Although we wanted to make a small collection, due to work and distance (she lives in London and I live in Barcelona), we have managed to make this bag. Personally I hope we can, working together again and sharing, as now, our passion for green design and respect for the materials.




On 14 and 15 December I took part in the sixth edition of Festivalet.
I had the opportunity to show and sell the things I do, meet many new people and greet everyone who came to see me. Thank you all!

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El 14 i 15 de desembre vaig participar en la sisena edició del Festivalet.
Vaig tenir la oportunitat de mostrar i vendre les coses que faig, coneixer a molta gent nova i saludar a tothom que em va venir a veure. Moltes gràcies a tots!

grta(Foto feta per saraseaside)


Moltes gràcies ! / / / Thank you very much !

09 /07 / 2013 ( FOREST MEMORY )

"When morning came, the guard opened the door again, played the horn and made enter the beasts. And when all had penetrated into the interior of the city, turned to close the door and threw the bolt. " (Haruki Murakami)

I’m very proud to show the FOREST MEMORY , a capsule collection I’ve made in collaboration with Lusesita.
The pieces from the pottery artist were integrated into Gebrat’s handwoven in a one of a kind bags collection.


To see the full collection, please visit the store.