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This week I was reviewing old catalogs of the legendary textile art exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland. Especially the issues of the 70s and 80s. At first I was shocked at the high percentage of female participation, I would say 80 percent! I also freaked out about how advanced was their textile language. Some names are well known today, such as Sheila Hicks, or Magdalena Abakanowicz, but I also met lots of artists who don’tt know at all. I’ll try to investigate more about them, because the more I know them the more I love tapestry. I hope you find it interesting. Have a great weekend!GerdaEdens




Interesting data down the page; measurement and execution.


Woven landscape



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This summer I’ve spent several hours learning new weaving skills: Choosing a picture/painting to develop a tapestry, trying a more realistic style, using different textures to interpret things closer or far, something small or big, something smooth or rough. And this is the result, Is about 65 x 65 cms and (like textiles in general) is hard to photograph because it sucks the light.

The next photographs is the painting I used as reference, and myself with the tapestry mid done. I’ve learned to weave for the back of the tapestry, with a mirrow in front.







I started untwisting some sisal ropes and I also found sisal fibers in a shop, so I bought about 2 kilos.


I dyed all in home with acid fibers, because  I needed a bright color. I thought it would be impossible with natural dyes ( with my skills)


When the fibers were dry I could see the final color and texture. It gave me lot of energy.


So I started weaving without an idea of composition/shapes. I was interested in work directly with my hands and see what happen.


And this is what is happening, openings and bulges. In fact isn’t finished. Yet !

09 /07 / 2013 ( FOREST MEMORY )

"When morning came, the guard opened the door again, played the horn and made enter the beasts. And when all had penetrated into the interior of the city, turned to close the door and threw the bolt. " (Haruki Murakami)

I’m very proud to show the FOREST MEMORY , a capsule collection I’ve made in collaboration with Lusesita.
The pieces from the pottery artist were integrated into Gebrat’s handwoven in a one of a kind bags collection.


To see the full collection, please visit the store.

Just inspiration / Només inspiració



Some photographs I took yesterday at the library, especially Malevich. This week has been very short… but exciting! Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

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Algunes fotografies que vaig fer ahir a la biblioteca, sobretot de Màlevich. Aquesta setmana ha estat curtíssima… però emocionant! Bon cap de setmana a tothom. :)

New point of view / Nou punt de vista


I’m happy today. Yesterday a friend invited us to a concert (she couldn’t go) and I had a great time, not only for the music, we also laugh a lot. And this morning, a little sleepy for failing to comply with the statutory hours of sleep I finished this piece, I don’t know how to call it. But I don’t care. I like it.

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Avui estic contenta, ahir una amiga ens va convidar a un concert (ella no podia anar) i m’ho vaig passar molt bé, no només per la música, també vam riure molt. Aquest matí, una mica adormida per no haver complert amb les hores reglamentàries de son, he acabat aquesta peça, que no sé com anomenar. Pero m’és igual. M’agrada.