New shapes & GG Fashion Market

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I’ve made some special bags that I can’t show totally for now, but I can share some details of its construction and texture. They are inspired by romanic architecture.

He fet uns bolsos especials que ara no puc ensenyar del tot, però si alguns detalls de la seva construcció i textura. Estàn inspirats en l’arquitectura romànica.
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I aquest dijous i divendres participaré a la segons edició del GG Fashion Market, amb un corner de bosses Gebrat, un workshop per aprendre a teixir i una demostració pública de texiit amb telers. Esteu convidats! :)



Fabric commissioned


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I’ve received a commission few weeks ago from a londoner designer. This handwoven fabric is hand painted before weaving. So I’ve dyed the threads with a brush little by little, changing the colours, and then, in the loom, I’ve woven it with a black weft. 100% wool.

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Last week Neukölln  opened the door with some of my weaving tapestries hanging from its walls. Neukölln is a second hand furniture shop located in Barcelona, with a very selected collection of antiquities and new stuff. If you’re in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to take a look.


“XI, XII & XIII” Creative process.

In this video I show how I’ve worked in this project. After to swim beyond inspiration images and sensations, I started playing with my hands; looking for the shapes. I don’t talk about the materials or colours, because -in that project- it was is a choice I made, not a part of the creative process.

Weaving workshops


Last september I started to teach weaving workshops in Duduá.

Since then, one afternoon every month I have been showing the basic tapestry techniques to 8 different people. I’ve explained how to put the warp in a tiny loom, how to plain weave, soumak and something else. We have used different yarns; wool, paper, vegetable, chunky, thinest, mixing colors and textures, we’ve always had a nice time, at least me!

I’m so happy that along this time I’ve met all these people (even it’s hard for me to remember faces and names) and I’m even more happy when some of they send me pictures of their work.

These are some pictures of the first weavings of those people. Works that have been started in the workshop, and finished at home.


(Thank you Alba, Pax, Gioia and Eva)

And this is a picture taken at the last month workshop. You can see the chaos on the table; yarns, looms and tools.


I also want to show you the work of a girl who assisted in a workshop some months ago. She’s Paz Moreno and she’s an artist. She shared with me the last work she has developed… with weaving techniques!

(the picture links to her portfolio)paz

And finally I want to show the beautiful loom that Eva G. has made by her own, watching a youtube video. She also bought more “professional” tools to continue weaving.



Marble effect frustrated

I like to try new techniques but sometimes it’s boring the search of information instead start trying it. I’m sure you understand what I mean.

I wanted to try a marbled effect on these leather cutouts, but far from marbling.. I’ve found other textures and patterns very unexpected. After that, a friend of mine has told me how the marble effect is made. Thank you Eva !

Here you can see what I’ve made:





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