Cushions. Collaboration with Petra Green (Room39)





I met Petra Green by Instagram, and after a swap of goods, she suggested the possibility of making a collaboration together. After some mails I was threading my loom again with hand dyed painted wool yarn. I had sworn not to weave “ummus” fabric again. But I caught her enthusiasm with the idea of making rounded cushions. I sent the fabric to London and some months after, voilà! They are beautifully well done.

Don’t forget to visit her online shop here.


(Front is made with hand dyed and hand woven merino wool fabric)


(Back is screenprinted by Room39. It has a leather tag with our names. Cute!)Petra@room39_portrait1

(Petra Green, director of Room39)


“XI, XII & XIII” Creative process.

In this video I show how I’ve worked in this project. After to swim beyond inspiration images and sensations, I started playing with my hands; looking for the shapes. I don’t talk about the materials or colours, because -in that project- it was is a choice I made, not a part of the creative process.


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Until recently, birds never caught my attention. But this has changed recently.


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Maybe because on my way to the studio there is a very large tree from which many birds sing every morning. Or maybe because from my desk I can see a nest of pigeons. Or maybe because few days ago I learned -in a workshop- how to make a nest.

Anyway, so when I’ve started thinking about the new collection of bags and textiles I’ve decided that I want to dedicate it to these animals.

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Below I present a picture of my moodboard as well as a sneak preview of the new leather goods. Hope you like them.



January days

What I made / What I’m doing

– – –

1. Website.

So proud of my computer programming skills, I’ve finally updated my personal website with a selection of my work: bags, fashion, and fiber things. And also with direct links on my open projects./ Orgullosa de les meves noves habilitats en programació, he actualitzat la meva pàgina web amb una sel·lecció de treballs i projectes oberts.

Take a look clicking here


– – –

2. Workshops. 

Since august I’m teaching every month a weavimg workshop at duduá. It makes me feel happier than I had ever thought. It’s so pleasant to share what I know with a small group during three hours in a lovely place./ Desde l’agost que cada mes faig un taller de tapís a duduá, de moment sempre s’omplen i em fan molt feliç.

Loom, tools and yarns are included.


– – –

3. Workshops meeting point: IG

I started an IG account specially for the people who join to the workshops. There I show what we learn to do in the workshop and more stuff about weaving, like tools, literature, and inspiration. /He obert un compte de Ig pels alumnes dels tallers; tapissos, informació, inspiració..

Feel free to follow: @tallerstextils


– – –

3.Romanesque inspired.

I’m working in a project for an international fashion/accessories contest. The only rule is to be inspired in “art”. I’ve choosen romanesque architecture: stone walls, rounded archs. For now I just can show you a prototype made with plastics, trying to imagine how will look the result in another material, like leather. / Estic treballant en un projecte per a presentar en un concurs de moda/accessoris. M’he inspirat en l’arquitectura romànica i de moment només us puc ensenyar un dels prototips a l’espera del material definitiu.



– – –

That’s all for now, I hope to be more regular posting on the blog this new year. I think it’s because Instagram is faster, I’m becoming lazy with wordpress. Anyway, happy and creative new year 2014. / Greta  

/ I això és tot per ara, espero ser més regular al blog tot i les facilitats de Instagram. De totes maneres, us desitjo un feliç i creatiu any nou 2014. / Greta.



On 14 and 15 December I took part in the sixth edition of Festivalet.
I had the opportunity to show and sell the things I do, meet many new people and greet everyone who came to see me. Thank you all!

/ / /

El 14 i 15 de desembre vaig participar en la sisena edició del Festivalet.
Vaig tenir la oportunitat de mostrar i vendre les coses que faig, coneixer a molta gent nova i saludar a tothom que em va venir a veure. Moltes gràcies a tots!

grta(Foto feta per saraseaside)


Moltes gràcies ! / / / Thank you very much !