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Un tupí és una olla petita d’una sola nansa (potser heu sentit l’expressió “del tupí fumat”) però un tupí és també un formatge pirinenc, greixós i preparat amb aiguardent. Aquest formatge se sol preparar i consumir en el mateix petit recipient de terrisa que he parlat al principi.

El tupí que presento en forma de bossa de cuir, no es de terrissa ni té cap vincle gastronòmic. Però si que està inspirat en la idea de recipient petit i senzill de base circular, útil i resistent.

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A “tupí” is a small pot with one handle but is also a Pyrenean fat cheese prepared with liqueur. This cheese is usually prepared and eaten in the same small bowl terrises I mentioned at the beginning.

But the tupí that is presented in the shape of leather bag, isn’t made of clay or have any gourmet connection. But it’s inspired by the idea of small and simple container with a rounded bottom, useful and durable.

tupiobert tupitombat


It is available here



Sketch / Poem / Earrings

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The new collection is very close. It’s about spring and birds. But for now I can show you an sketch, a poem that has inspired me and a new pair of  earrings.


La nova col·lecció és molt a prop. Es sobre la primeravera i els ocells. Però per ara us puc ensenyar un esquema, un poema que m’ha inspirat i un parell d’arrecades noves.


The life of a Bird by Edith M.Thomas

Thou art clothed on with plumes, as with leaves,
Frond-like, and lighter than air;
Thy pinions are arrows in sheaves,
That carry thee none knoweth where.

Thou fliest, and none gives pursuit,
Thy realm both the earth and the sky;
Thou hast in thy bosom a flute,
The glance of a soul in thine eye.

Thou obeyest a sovereign power
That sets thee on Summer’s track;
Thou knowest the tide and the hour
When to advance, or turn back.

Into the world thou art flung,
Thou herald of rapture and light.
Thou weavest a home for thy young–
And none but thyself hath the sleight.

Out of the world thou art gone,
And who shall say where is thy rest?
A rapture and light are withdrawn
Into some Heaven-side nest.


More leather handles & straps

Last summer I opened a small etsy shop with some leather handles.


I thought there are people who sew/crochet/knits their own bags and are looking for a good quality leather handles to finish their creation.
In fact, there are more handle’s shops in etsy, but mostly -in my opinion- are not handmade nor made by genuine cow leather.

Since then I’ve sold quite orders and the more important, I had the opportunity to chat with my customers, to hear their suggestions, and have also received some pictures of their finished bags! Thank you.

That’s why I want to keep going on this project, adding new items, explaining better the project and cheering more people to be creative with their own hands but without giving up the quality and beautiful timeless materials like leather*

*I wrote months ago a post about my leather thoughts. Press here to read it.

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Now I show you some pictures of the new items I’ve made recently.

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rounded4 rounded2 rounded1mb1 llargues3 llargues1 tanample2 marroample1 marroample2 tan3 simple1 cardh2

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Etsy shop -> Press here

Tumblr -> Press here.

Small stuff I like to make



I think the objects that surround us every day have the power of influence us little by little up to be like them. We are what we eat, and I would add; and what we have between our hands.

So we have to choose well what we introduce into our lives for their qualities and what they transmit, as well as an act of responsibility towards the consume. In my opinion, of course.

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Crec que els objectes que ens rodegen tots els dies ens influeixen i ens hi acabem assemblant; ens tornem com ells són, igual que som el que mengem, també som allò que vestim i ens acompanya dia rere dia.

Per això hem de triar bé què introduïm en les nostres vides per les seves qualitats i pel que ens transmeten, i també com un acte de responsabilitat vers el consum. En la meva opinió, es clar :)

Wall hanging weavings



This is my first collection of tapestries inspired in their own texture. A total of 6 handmade textiles woven in a weaving loom. Wool, cotton and vegetable tanned leather yarn.


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Aquesta és la meva primera col·lecció de tapissos inspirada en la pròpia textura. Un total de 6 peces tèxtils construïdes en un teler de baix lliç. Llanes, cotó, i pell de xai adobada al vegetal.


Check the web store to see the collection and details. ///

Pots visitar la botiga per veure la col·lecció i detalls.