Spring has arrived


And although I’m an autumn girl, I can feel how nature is changing.

Spring has arrived and like when we look for a better position sitting in a new chair or in bed when we want to sleep a little bit more, she’s settling. Wind, rain, changing temperatures.


Out & inside ourselves, something new is growing strong, the old and weak is disappearing, and the sunshine brings light to every creature and every object.


Let’s go out to enjoy and celebrate the brightness


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3 thoughts on “Spring has arrived

    • Citadel! <3The emptiness of Minecraft is one of the things that attracted me, initially. I liked the idea of being the only one to shape an entire world, building cities from scratch with my own hands. Of course, multiplayer kind of turns that idea on its head… I ha30#&nev9;t gone back to Minecraft, not even since uni finished up for the year. Maybe I'm over my addiction!

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