Sketch / Poem / Earrings

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The new collection is very close. It’s about spring and birds. But for now I can show you an sketch, a poem that has inspired me and a new pair of  earrings.


La nova col·lecció és molt a prop. Es sobre la primeravera i els ocells. Però per ara us puc ensenyar un esquema, un poema que m’ha inspirat i un parell d’arrecades noves.


The life of a Bird by Edith M.Thomas

Thou art clothed on with plumes, as with leaves,
Frond-like, and lighter than air;
Thy pinions are arrows in sheaves,
That carry thee none knoweth where.

Thou fliest, and none gives pursuit,
Thy realm both the earth and the sky;
Thou hast in thy bosom a flute,
The glance of a soul in thine eye.

Thou obeyest a sovereign power
That sets thee on Summer’s track;
Thou knowest the tide and the hour
When to advance, or turn back.

Into the world thou art flung,
Thou herald of rapture and light.
Thou weavest a home for thy young–
And none but thyself hath the sleight.

Out of the world thou art gone,
And who shall say where is thy rest?
A rapture and light are withdrawn
Into some Heaven-side nest.



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