January days

What I made / What I’m doing

– – –

1. Website.

So proud of my computer programming skills, I’ve finally updated my personal website with a selection of my work: bags, fashion, and fiber things. And also with direct links on my open projects./ Orgullosa de les meves noves habilitats en programació, he actualitzat la meva pàgina web amb una sel·lecció de treballs i projectes oberts.

Take a look clicking here


– – –

2. Workshops. 

Since august I’m teaching every month a weavimg workshop at duduá. It makes me feel happier than I had ever thought. It’s so pleasant to share what I know with a small group during three hours in a lovely place./ Desde l’agost que cada mes faig un taller de tapís a duduá, de moment sempre s’omplen i em fan molt feliç.

Loom, tools and yarns are included.


– – –

3. Workshops meeting point: IG

I started an IG account specially for the people who join to the workshops. There I show what we learn to do in the workshop and more stuff about weaving, like tools, literature, and inspiration. /He obert un compte de Ig pels alumnes dels tallers; tapissos, informació, inspiració..

Feel free to follow: @tallerstextils


– – –

3.Romanesque inspired.

I’m working in a project for an international fashion/accessories contest. The only rule is to be inspired in “art”. I’ve choosen romanesque architecture: stone walls, rounded archs. For now I just can show you a prototype made with plastics, trying to imagine how will look the result in another material, like leather. / Estic treballant en un projecte per a presentar en un concurs de moda/accessoris. M’he inspirat en l’arquitectura romànica i de moment només us puc ensenyar un dels prototips a l’espera del material definitiu.



– – –

That’s all for now, I hope to be more regular posting on the blog this new year. I think it’s because Instagram is faster, I’m becoming lazy with wordpress. Anyway, happy and creative new year 2014. / Greta  

/ I això és tot per ara, espero ser més regular al blog tot i les facilitats de Instagram. De totes maneres, us desitjo un feliç i creatiu any nou 2014. / Greta.


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