New point of view / Nou punt de vista


I’m happy today. Yesterday a friend invited us to a concert (she couldn’t go) and I had a great time, not only for the music, we also laugh a lot. And this morning, a little sleepy for failing to comply with the statutory hours of sleep I finished this piece, I don’t know how to call it. But I don’t care. I like it.

/ / / /

Avui estic contenta, ahir una amiga ens va convidar a un concert (ella no podia anar) i m’ho vaig passar molt bé, no només per la música, també vam riure molt. Aquest matí, una mica adormida per no haver complert amb les hores reglamentàries de son, he acabat aquesta peça, que no sé com anomenar. Pero m’és igual. M’agrada.




7 thoughts on “New point of view / Nou punt de vista

  1. Oh my goodness! This is gorgeous. I so love the way you combine all of the different textures inside the assorted woven patterns. Lovely, as always!

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