Doubleweave sampler

2 002 2 003 2 004


Since I started weaving I know it’s possible double weaving but until last week I never tried it. The goal isn’t just do twice as wide, there are other posibilities on texture and tubular structures.


It was cool to do lace with a solid background, and I’m sure I will investigate more posibilities later but for now I want improve the double wide to do bigger pieces.


2 thoughts on “Doubleweave sampler

  1. Hi I found you via Instagram and LOVE your weavings! I’ve been on the hunt for a weaving loom and found a place where I can do a beginner course for a couple of hours and then I’ll go from there in deciding which one to buy. I was looking at a rigid heddle loom. I especially love this piece of yours. Is this this achievable on a rigid heddle loom?

    • Hi Nicole, thank you very much for your comment and your nice words. You’ll see how weaving on a loom is very fun and addictive! This piece is made in doubleweave, this means weaving two parallel layers at once (that you can join when you want) and you’ll need at least four shafts. I think rigid heddle looms only have two shafts but do not get discouraged, you can also make lovely things in two shafts, color and material is almost the most important thing. If I can help in anything else, feel free to ask. Luck! (:

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